Data Recovery


Crashed Hard Drives

In most cases, we can recover your data from a bad hard drive using one of several different softwares. We start by attempting to make a duplicate of your entire hard drive to a new hard drive. Failing that, we attempt to recover specific files using special data recovery software that thoroughly examines the disk for files and folders.

Formatted Hard Drive

Formatted the wrong hard drive? We can help. In many cases a formatted hard drive can be recovered in minutes.

Flash Drives and Other Portable Media

The same recovery tools we use on computer hard drives can also be used on flash drives, thumb drives, SD cards, Compact Flash and otherdigital media.

Clean Room Recovery

In cases where the hard drive is too damaged for software data recovery, we are partnered with a clean room facility that can make physical drive repairs or remove the internal platters for recovery.

Email and Document Recovery

We can recover corrupted email databases from Outlook and Outlook Express and can recover corrupted Excel and Word documents.

Data Loss Prevention

As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". The best data recovery is a good Data Backup System. Be sure you have a good backup system in place today and you will sleep better tonight.