A Solution for Junk Email

If you have had your current email address any longer than a few months, you are probably receiving plenty of unwanted emails or junk email. The proper term is UCE or Unsolicited Commercial Email. Many people refer to this email as spam. This slang comes from a Monty Python skit where Vikings sang a chorus of "Spam, spam, spam..." to drown out other conversation. Since UCE or junk email tends to drown out other legitimate email, the term spam became a popular name for it much to the disliking of the folks at Hormel Foods.

Now for some useful information... I get no less than one hundred junk emails per day. After a little research on the internet, I found some comparisons on anti-spam softwares and decided to try one of them. The software I chose is called Mail Frontier Desktop. They offer a 30 day trial. I have a few days left on my trial, but intend to purchase the software. You can purchase it on their web site for $29.95. This is a bargain for the headaches it saves.

Mail Frontier now blocks most of the junk emails I receive. It puts them in a special folder that I can look at. For the first few days I looked at that folder on occaision to be sure it was not blocking any legitimate email. Every once in a while I would see a good one so I simply highlight it and click the unjunk button so emails from that sender will not be filtered in the future. Mail Frontier has several features. There is an allowed or white-list, a blocked list and it can even send challenge emails that unknown senders have to respond to before it will accept email from them.

Mail Frontier works with Outlook and Outlook Express on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. You can download the free 30 day trial from their web site. Open your web browser and enter this address: http://www.mailfrontier.com/download