Asterisk Logger

Have you ever opened the email account settings in Outlook or Outlook Express and found your password masked with asterisks? Now there is a utility that will unhide that password.

A company called NirSoft has created a free utility that lets you see what is hidden in those asterisk fields. This is the same company that wrote the Wireless Network Key Revealer (Computer Corner, November 2007). The utility is called asterisk logger and you can download it in seconds. To get it, go to and click on "Utilities" at the top. On the next screen you can click to download the "Asterisk Logger". Simply run it and it will display a screen that shows the contents of any hidden fields on the screen at that time. It will also unhide the contents of those displayed field. This is not permanent. If you close the Asterisk Logger program, then hidden fields function normally again.

We often use this program when we convert a customer from Outlook Express to Outlook and they user does not know their email password. We run the utility and open their old email account setting to reveal the password.