Backup Your Data

We live in a digital world today. We use our computers to store photos of our kids, school papers, bank transactions and thousands of other critical pieces of data. All this data is stored on a hard drive inside the computer. Hard drives don't live forever. If it stops working, all that important data is gone. Sometimes the data on a bad hard drive can be rescued. Even if it can, it's very expensive. You must backup your data. If you do not, then one day you will lose it. It's inevitable.

I worked on a computer this week. This user had worked on a business project for six months. All the related data was on his computer. That is until his hard drive stopped spinning. It's likely a data recovery company can retrieve his data, but it will cost him more than $1000.00 to have them do it. A good backup plan would have saved him.

So, what's a good Data Backup plan? Here is an easy one. Does your computer have a CD burner? Store all of your important data in one place on the computer. The "My Documents" folder is a good place. You can make sub folders under My Documents to organize all your data. Now, once a week, even daily if you want, burn the contents of the My Documents folder to a CD. It's that simple.

When you get to the point that you have too much data for a CD or if you don't like all that work, you can invest about $200 in a "Maxtor One Touch" external hard drive. This is a simple to install hard drive that connects to your computer using a USB cable. It comes with Data Backup software that can be configured to backup your important files every night automatically. You can find it at Best Buy and CompUSA.

Don't lose all those precious photos of your kids.... back them up!