Christmas Shopping Ideas

Can you believe it's December already? If you're like me, you are probably already behind on your shopping. Here are some gift ideas for the computer user in your house:

External Hard Drive - This is a hard drive that plugs into any computer via a USB cable and allows you to backup files to it for safe keeping. That way if your computer crashes, you have an extra copy of your pictures, videos and other important files. You can get a 500GB external hard drive for about $160.

Flash Drive - These are similar to external hard drive but they are much smaller both in capacity and physical dimensions. You can buy a 2GB flash drive that will hang on your key ring for less than $40. Very handy for keeping school projects, pictures, music and other files with you.

LCD monitor - Who couldn't use a huge flat panel monitor for Christmas? The prices have really dropped on monitors in the last few months. You can get a 19" for just under $200 and a 22" for about $225. Larger sizes are available.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse - This set will let you sit as far as 30 feet away from your computer and still work on it. This would work nicely with a giant monitor or for the techie who has the computer connected to the television. Available for $100 - $150.

Web Cam - Logitech make very nice web cameras with built in microphones for about $75. You can use them with Windows Live Messenger or other chat program to talk to see and talk to long-distance friends and relatives over the internet.

I hope these ideas help you out with your shopping list this Christmas.