Cool things to do online

Several weeks ago, A nice police officer in Sealy, Texas gave me a ticket for driving a little fast. Of course, not wanting my insurance rates to higher than they already are, I chose to take the defensive driving option to dispose of this ticket. In the old days you had to waste an entire day trying to stay awake through a defensive driving class. A few years ago they started letting comedians who couldn not otherwise get jobs teach these courses. That improved them a little, but I have found the best option. I am sitting here in my study, late on a wednesday night, taking defensive driving online! At the same time, I have just a few hours until the deadline passes to submit this article, so it occurred to me. I'll just write this month's article about a few of the cool things you can do and see online today. - For a non-refundable $40 fee, you can take your defensive driving course online. Whether you are getting a speeding ticket dismissed or just taking it to lower your insurance costs, this is a great way to tackle the course in your spare time. You can actually take the course in several short intervals. You may login for 15 minutes one day, then an hour the next. Just take it as you have the time. and - No more hunting for the phone number to the pizza joint. Both of these sites let you register once, then login to place your pizza orders online. I checked on the site, but do not see any way there for you to place an order. - Curious how fireworks make those pretty colors and patterns? How to pick a lock? How smoke detectors work? You can find answers to these questions and thousands more at Probably one of the coolest sites on the web. - Like seeing live photos on the web? This site will let you find web cams all over the country. Even the one at our local Home Depot on 59 in Sugar Land. Not real exciting... unless you're bored already.

These are just a few cool things to see and do online. For more, try searching for "cool sites" in your favorite search engine.