Do you use Kazaa or Morpheus to download music? Not a good idea.

Do you use Kazaa or Morpheus to download music? Not a good idea. Not only are these programs designed to load your computer with spyware and popup ads, but in most cases it is illegal to download music because of copyright laws. The RIAA is suing computer users by the hundreds for illegally sharing music online.

There is a legal way to download music, but it will cost you a little. Here's the scoop on a few of the big ones.

The king of super markets is now in on the action. Thought Wal-Mart was only good for groceries, electronics, clothing, furniture and sporting goods? Well think again. Now you can buy music online at Each song is 88 cents. You can easily search for songs by album, artist or title and you can browse by genre. You can even listen to samples before you buy. Wal-Mart's entire collection contains more than 300,000 songs. from Apple requires you to download the ITunes software to play their music downloads, but the software has a nifty CD jewel case insert tool so your CD's look cool and it can even burn your music to CD for you. Individual song downloads are 99 cents each, but they also have several complete albums for just a few dollars each. ITunes claims to have the largest online music catalog with over 700,000 songs.

Many parents I've spoken with have removed the music sharing programs from their computers because they know it's wrong for the kids to download music, but they've been frustrated because that don't know of an alternative. These sites provide that legal alternative and are just two of many.

One last note. Though you may not use Kazaa or Morpheus anymore, if they are installed on your computer, they may be sharing music from your computer to users on the internet without you knowing it. Be sure to completely uninstall these programs to so you can be confident you are not providing illegal music to others.