Easy DVD Ripping

Have you ever seen what a young child can do to a DVD movie? We own dozens of DVD's at our house and I would guess 15% of them cannot be played anymore because of all the scratches. Here is an easy solution for backing up the DVD before it gets scratched up.

First of all, use to the fastest computer you have access to because this process can take a couple hours and the faster the computer, the faster you will be done. Go to http://www.fairusewizard.com. Click on English, unless you are fluent in French of course. Download the free Fair Use Wizard Light Edition software. Put your DVD into the DVD drive on your computer. Run the software and step through the wizard. There are many options, but for most part you can stick with the defaults. I save mine as AVI files. I can play them on my laptop or on my Android phone.

The free Light Edition limits your DVD rip to 700MB. This is not the best quality, but I have found it fine for watching a movie on an airplane. Just rip two movies to your laptop and the flight goes by much more quickly.

The paid version is only $29.99. It will let you rip higher quality, larger files. It will encode for iPhone and other platforms and will encode faster on dual and quad core computers.

Bear in mind that there are legal issues with DVD ripping. It can be illegal to copy a DVD movie. You can find lots of articles on the subject online.

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