Exchange Online with Office 365

office365Microsoft will put the power of the most advanced email system in the world into your hands for $4 per month with their Exchange Online plan from Office 365. The Microsoft Exchange email server software is used by most of corporate America to host email, contacts, calendars and tasks. Until recently, you would have to invest thousands of dollars into server hardware and software to use this system, so $4/month per user is incredibly inexpensive.

With Exchange Online, there are three methods to manage, read and send emails. You can use Microsoft Outlook 2010 or newer, Outlook Web Access via your web browser and you can connect most mobile devices to your mail box. Android devices and Apple iOS devices all have built in Exchange email apps.

So why do you need an Exchange mail box for your business email? Let me count the ways:

  • With a huge 50GB mail box, you likely will never have to archive emails again. Those pesky "mail box full" messages are a thing of the past.
  • Since all of your email, contacts and calendar items are stored on Microsoft's server, setting up your new computer is a snap. You no longer have to transfer all that data. Just setup the mail box in Outlook and it automatically synchronizes with your online mail box.
  • All of your items are synchronized across all of your devices. What this means is that when you delete an email on your iPhone, it's also deleted on your PC, Mac, Android, iPad or any other device you have connected to your mail box. When you send an email, it appears in the Sent Items folder on all of your devices. When you add a contact in Outlook, it appears on your phone in a few seconds. No more managing phone numbers on the phone. Do it in Outlook where it's easy.
  • All of this data being stored on Microsoft's servers means that you do not have to worry about backing it up. If your laptop is stolen, you lose no email. Just get a new laptop, setup the account in Outlook and you are back in action.
  • With Microsoft Exchange Online you can also host your own domain name. So instead of, you can be

For a little more money, there are also plans that include Cloud file storage and the Microsoft Office suite of applications. For more information about how to setup an Exchange Online account for your email, contact us.

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