Google Features

If you have been using the Internet for any time at all you have likely used the Google search engine at Obviously, Google can search web sites like most other search engines do, but it has a lot of other cool features you may not be aware of. We will cover a few of them here.

Preferences - Click on the preferences link next to the search box at to set your search preferences. You can tell Google to prefer pages in a particular language, you can turn on safe searching to help block undesirable web sites and images and you can choose how many results you would like to see on each page when searching.

Stock Quotes - Simply search for your favorite stock symbol to see a quick quote and graph at the top of the search results. Click the graph for a detailed quote.

Weather - Want to see what the weather will be like tomorrow. Search for "weather sugar land".

Conversion - Need to know how many liters there are in a gallon? Search for "1 gallon in liters".

Movie Times - Need movie times in Sugar Land? Search for "movies 77479".

Sports - Search your favorite team's name for the latest scores.

Local Search - Need some spice in your life? Search "thai 77479" to see a list of Thai restaraunts around Sugar Land.

Package Tracking - Search Google for your UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number to find the staus on your shipment.

There are many other custom searches available. Go to for more information.