Houston Managed IT Services – Rethinking IT Part 7

Choosing a better way to manage your phone systems, without going through the phone company.

VoIP (Voice over IP) Management Services

Phone companies are frustrating and expensive. The hassle for many companies is worth the switch to a better and more modern system. You may feel it's time to ditch the phone company but don't know how. A managed IT services company in Houston has the right options to bring your telecommunications into the modern age.

There are so many more features and capabilities you have with a voice over IP system than a traditional phone system.

One of the best things about using voice over IP is the extreme portability. Users can take advantage of stationary phones at their workstations and use all of the same functionality from their mobile devices as well. System administrators have a great deal of control over how calls are routed and have the entire system is managed. Employees can communicate literally from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Just because major phone companies offer unlimited nationwide calling, doesn't mean that it's the best system for your organization. Most any Houston managed IT services company will tell you that because you are connecting over the Internet, unlimited calling is the standard feature of VoIP. Benefits you should consider would be for phone capability from anywhere you can connect to the Internet, making your desktop and mobile phones usable anywhere.

Managing Your Phone Management System Costs With VoIP

Most VoIP providers, the good ones anyway, will charge you per user rather than a large sum price whether you use the phones or not. Voice over IP makes scaling your phones completely up to you and can be easily upgraded and downgraded based on the number of users you want to connect to the system.

Voicemail, three-way calling, call forwarding, call routing, and many others are standard features of a VoIP system. If you would like to discuss more about VoIP and how it can be beneficial to your business situation, as a premier Houston managed IT services provider, we’d be happy to schedule an appointment.