How to use any Mobile Device as a Phone

2013-APR-TextPlusA client of mine recently showed me one of the coolest FREE iPad apps I have seen yet. The app is Text+, but there are also versions for Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

You can easily find Text+ in the App Store on your mobile device. Just look for the icon you see in this article to be sure you have found the right app.

Download Text+ and create an account. You will get to choose a phone number from Canada or from the United States. You can use the app to send SMS text messages to any other Text+ user or any normal cell phone for free. You are also given enough credit to make 16 minutes worth of phone calls to normal phone numbers, but phone calls to other Text+ numbers are always free.

You can purchase 99 minutes to use calling phones for just $1.99. To call normal phone numbers within the United States is only $0.02 per minute. There are also low rates for making international calls, but remember all calls to Text+ users are free.

You might think "what's the point? I already have a phone.", but I can think of several situations where this app is useful.

  • In the summer, I like to travel to the Frio River at Leakey, Texas. Unless you are on AT&T, there is no cell phone service in Leakey, but there is an internet connection where we stay. This app can be used from any wireless Internet connection on any of my mobile devices, including my cell phone, to make and receive phone calls even with no cell service.
  • You need to make a call, but your cell phone is broken, dead, etc.
  • You want to satisfy your 10 year old child's misconceived notion that they NEED a cell phone, but you do not want to add the $30 per month to your cell phone plan just yet.
  • Have your overseas relatives download the Text+ app and call them for FREE.

Hopefully, you will find this app useful. Try it out and post back to our Facebook page at to let us know how you like it.