Internet Explorer Cleanup

The latest Internet Explorer 7 web browser from Microsoft is still the most popular browser, but is certainly less than perfect. I have seen a myriad of quirky little problems with it.

Sometimes clicking the back button will present you with "webpage expired" rather than displaying the web page you were just looking at 10 seconds ago. Sometimes your Yahoo webmail will refuse to let you download attachments for no obvious reason. In other cases, the browser just crashes at random times. If you are having similar issues with your Internet Explorer, there are a few things you can do that will often fix the problem.

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and then Internet Options. This opens the Internet Options window. On the General tab, click the Delete button under Browsing history. Now click the Delete all button. You will be prompted to confirm it. This will remove history, cookies and other saved web browsing data. Now click the Advanced tab, then click the Restore advanced settings button. Just below that, click the Reset button. You will have to click a second reset button to confirm. This essentially sets your Internet Explorer back to default and corrects many browser issues.

Most problems with the browser are caused by the add-ons we load so be careful what you download. Even toolbars from reputable comanies like Yahoo! sometimes cause browser crashes. Happy surfing.