Listen To Your Favorite Music Online

For years now you have been able to listen to radio stations over the Internet, but you never had any control over the songs and artists those stations played. Now you can create your own Internet radio station using Pandora.

Browse to There's a box in the middle of the screen. Enter the name of your favorite song or artist, then click "Listen Now". Within a few seconds your radio station is configured and music starts to play. Enter "zz top" and you will start with a ZZ Top song. Next up may be something by Lynyrd Skynyrd or Led Zeppelin. As each song plays a small information box will appear displaying the song title, artist and album with a picture of the album cover. At the bottom of this box are up and down thumbs so you can indicate whether or not you like the song. By voting on songs, you get to adjust the music that will be played on your station.

If you click on "register now", you can setup a login so Pandora can save your radio stations for you. Once you have done this, you can easily login from other computers and access your existing radio stations. Look for the "Create a New Station..." link to create more radio stations. You could create one for jazz, another for classical, etc.

Many mobile phones have Pandora applications so you can listen to your stations when you are on the run. I have used this with an auxiliary input on my car stereo to listen to my favorite music on long road trips.

Pandora is a great way to find music you will like that you may never have heard of before. Sign up today and enjoy.