Make Your TV a Computer

What if you could keep a computer in your pocket? Not just a phone or a small tablet, but a computer that you could connect to a large display and use a mouse and keyboard with? Tiny computers are a growing trend. In fact a few new models are scheduled to ship in July. Many will be available for under $100.

It seems that the market has not yet decided what to call these little wonders. You will see them called "TV Stick", "Mini PC", "HDMI Dongle" and probably a few other names.


Here's how most of them work:

The device is just a little larger than a typical flash drive, but instead of a USB plug on one end, it has an HDMI plug. You connect it straight into the HDMI input on your monitor or television. Now you connect a mouse and keyboard to it via Bluetooth and connect the device to your wireless network for internet access.

Imagine using a wireless mouse and keyboard on an Android phone that has a giant screen. That is how the experience will be with one of these plugged into your home TV. You can surf the web, play Angry Birds, stream Netflix or anything else you can do on an Android device.

This gives you all the power of an Android operating system, but what if you need Windows? Well here is how these tiny computers can be really powerful for business users. If you work remotely via Microsoft's Remote Desktop or some other technology like LogMeIn, you no longer need to travel with a laptop. You just connect this device to the TV in your hotel room and pull out your keyboard and mouse. Now you can connect to the hotel Wireless internet and connect remotely to your office to work.

With Remote Desktop Services in an office environment, you could potentially save many thousands of dollars in workstation hardware by using these computers as thin clients.

While several companies are promising to ship their models soon, you can purchase the UG007 pictured above on Amazon today on sale for less than $50.

If you want to know more about these TV Sticks or Mini PCs and how you could benefit from them, please contact me.