Making Computer Services Fit Your Budget

Rather than having computer issues fixed as they arise, many computer users both at home and in the small business world postpone having their computers serviced. This is because it is not cheap to have an experienced IT technician come to your location and fix the problems. However, postponing service can sometimes make problems worse and working on a computer that is not functioning well can have a tremendous cost in frustration and lost productivity.

To combat this problem, consider utilizing a Managed IT Service Provider. There are many IT companies that offer this type of service to the business community, but very few offer it to home users. Preactive IT Solutions offers both and many of our customers have chosen this type of service to help them control costs. It is much like signing up for unlimited texting with your cell phone provider.

The typical managed services for a small business include remote monitoring of servers, workstations and backups plus labor for any IT needs and desktop support issues. Much of the support is done remotely, but technicians are dispatched onsite when needed. The service is provided for a flat monthly fee. Depending on the number of workstations and servers to be supported, the fee may be a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars per month, but is usually less than the cost of hiring full-time IT staff.

For the residential customer, Preactive IT Solutions offers support for two computers at less than $50 per month with a small charge for onsite visits, but no additional charge for computers brought into our office or serviced remotely. If your computer seem to require a lot of care, this program may be a good fit for you. Some users do not require much support. Families with teenagers on their computers usually require more than average. This residential service plan includes repairing hardware problems, though the customer has to pay for the hardware and not the labor. It also includes virus cleanup, network problems and just about any other computer service you can imagine.

Do you know someone that needs help with their office network or home computers? Send them to Preactive IT Solutions!