Mobile Scanning


It's amazing what you can do from your mobile phone or tablet today. You can program your AC thermostat, open the garage door, watch movies and your mobile device can even be used as a television remote. So why not use it as a mobile scanner too?

It's pretty convenient to able to scan documents to PDF to email to others or to file away on your computer. There are now several apps available for most mobile devices that allow you to use them as scanners.

The app I am using is called "PDF Document Scanner" and is only available on Android devices, but there are many others available for iOS and Windows devices.

To scan multiple pages into a PDF you simply launch the PDF Document Scanner app then tap "New PDF Project". Give the project a name and select the paper size then tap "Create". Now tap "Scan New Document" and take a picture of the page. Once you've taken the picture you can crop it, rotate it, adjust brightness and make other edits. You repeat this process for each page, then tap "Compile PDF" to make your PDF file.

Now that you have a PDF document, you can save it to your cloud storage account like One Drive, Google Drive or Drop Box, you can print if you have a print app or you can send it as an attachment to an email.

And of course... it's free. Happy scanning.

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