MSConfig: A Very Useful Utility.

Remember when you first bought your computer? Man did it run fast. It was really in shape back then, but now you go get a cup of coffee while you wait on it to boot into Windows. Is it just getting old? Maybe not maybe it's just having to do too much work.

When Windows boots up, it has to start up other programs too. Each of those little icons you see in the system tray next to the clock needs to be started and probably several other programs that you don't even see on the screen. I can tell you a quick way to disable many of those startup programs that you don't use. Click on the "Start" button. Now click on "Run". A small window opens. Type in msconfig and click the ok button. This runs the "System Configuration Utility". Now click on the "Startup" tab at the far right of this utility. This screen lists most of the programs that start when Windows boots up. Simply uncheck the box next to the ones you want to disable. Now click the ok button and the restart button.

If you can disable several items on the startup screen, you can actually make your computer boot and run considerable faster. In Windows XP, you can also disable some things on the "Services" screen, but be sure to check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box first. This will hide all the services that your computer needs so you can't disable something critical.

If you do disable something that you want back, just run the msconfig utility again and check the box next to the program you want to enable again. Windows 2000 does not have the msconfig utility, but it can be copied from a Windows XP computer.