Net Nanny

If there is one thing about our computers that concerns parents today it is keeping the kids safe online. There are millions of web sites on the Internet that you would never want your children to see and we will look at some software that will help block them.

The software is called Net Nanny. It is full of features for blocking inappropriate content from the Internet. Obviously it will block web sites that contain bad words or have adult content, but there are other features you might not think of when you think of Internet filtering. I will discuss the top two here.

Net Nanny will block file trading and sharing programs. What this means is that you can actually block the kids from using Morpheus, Kazaa, Limewire and many other applications the kids use to download music. The best part of this is that downloading music is the number one way your computer gets loaded with viruses and spyware. This feature will help to keep your computer clean.

Personal information blocking is another great feature of Net Nanny. There have been many stories in the local news lately about the "My Space" web site and others like it where naive teenagers enter personal information about themselves including their name and age. You simply enter your credit card numbers, children's names, addresses, schools, school teams, email addresses, phone numbers and any other information you want to block. Net Nanny will not let them enter any of that information into a web site.

There are many other features in Net Nanny like the ability to limit time on the Internet and block certain online games.

To check out Net Nanny for yourself, go to and download the free trial. You submit your name and email address and they email you a link to download the install. Run the install and reboot, then double-click the "Configure Net Nanny" icon on your desktop.