Open DNS Internet Filtering

Check out our internet filter service to help keep your computers spyware and virus free.If you have computers and kids under the same roof, you are likely concerned about what they might see on the internet. There's lots out there that they should not be looking at. The same applies in a small business. There are lots of places on the internet your employees may wander to that will waste time and kill productivity. There is a service that can help though. The basic features are free for home users and really inexpensive for businesses.

The service is called OpenDNS. They host custom DNS servers. You have probably heard the term "DNS Server" before and wondered what it was. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Every web server on the internet has a unique Internet Protocol or "IP" address that looks something like this: A DNS server simply looks up the IP address for the web site you are trying to get to so your computer knows where to go. so if you type in, your DNS server tells your computer that is really located at

Typically, the DNS server your computer uses is at your service provider like Comcast, AT&T or Windstream, but you can configure your network at home or work to use the OpenDNS servers instead. Once you have done this, you configure your OpenDNS account to block web sites you do not want people on your network to visit. You can block specific web sites like or and you can block web sites by category such as "Pornography" or "Social networking".

When a user attempts to browse to a web site that OpenDNS is blocking for your network, the DNS server at OpenDNS will not return the correct IP address, but rather will send the web browser to a page at OpenDNS that indicates the web site is blocked.

The basic features are free for home users, but not available for businesses. A Deluxe account, which includes many more features like customized block pages, is available to home users for $9.95/year and businesses for $5/year per user.

To get started, go to and watch the video on the right for step-by-step instructions.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about OpenDNS or need help setting it up.

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