Organize Your Desktop

The Windows desktop is a great place to put shortcuts to programs you use often. It is also a great place to temporarily store files you are working on. In fact, many programs and games place shortcuts on the desktop when you install them so that they will be easy for you to find. The problem is that after a while, the desktop becomes cluttered and it is hard to find the shortcut you are looking for. You would delete a bunch of the shortcuts, but you are afraid you might break something or you might just need that one later or you really do not know what this other one belongs to.

You can easily organize your desktop using folders. Simply right-click on an empty space on the desktop (if you can find one), then click "New", then click "Folder". This will create a "New Folder" on the desktop. Now right-click on the new folder and click "Rename". Type a new name for the folder and hit enter. Repeat this process to create folders for "Games", "Photos", "Projects", "Not Used", etc.

Now find a shortcut you want to move to one of the folders. Left click on that shortcut and hold the left button down while you drag the shortcut to the target folder, then let go of the button. This will move the shortcut to that folder. Repeat this process to cleanup other shortcuts.

To arrange the shortcuts and folders on your desktop, right-click the desktop, then click "Arrange Icons By". There are several options here. Take some time to play with them and see what works for you.

Hopefully now your desktop will stay a little less cluttered and a lot more useful.