Outlook Contacts

Need help with your Outlook? Contact us today!Outlook is likely the most widely used email program in the world, especially in business environments, but Outlook users don't take full advantage of its features. This article will address a few of the Contacts features in Outlook.If you are an Outlook user, you are probably familiar with the Contacts folder, but here are some things that may help you get more benefit from it.CategoriesIn Outlook click "Categorize" and then "All Categories" to open the "Color Categories" screen. Here you can edit a pre-built list of categories. I have a category for Vendors, one for Baby Sitters and several others. You might have one for important clients or suppliers.Once you have built your list of categories, you can start adding them to contacts. Just open a contact and click the "Categorize" drop down at the top. Select a category to add to the contact. You can add multiple to each contact.Now you can open your contacts folder and just start typing the name of one of your categories in the search box at the top. The list of contacts will quickly filter down to just those that are in your category. This makes it easy to find your vendors, baby sitters or other group of people you need to contact.Sending to Multiple ContactsNow that you can use categories to display a list of contacts, you can email them all at once. Perhaps you need a baby sitter. You open your contacts folder and type "baby sitter" in the search box. They all display. Now hit CTL+A on the keyboard to select them all and click the "E-Mail" button at the top to address an email to all of them at once.NotesEach contact has a large Notes field. You can store any imaginable information here about this contact. You can even click "Attach File" to add documents or pictures in the notes area of a contact.Business CardsYou can click on a contact or multiple contacts then click "Forward Contact" at the top of the screen then click "As a Business Card". This will create a new email with the selected contacts inserted into the body as business cards. You can also insert business cards into emails you are already composing.Outlook has many, many other features and options. These are just a few that may help you to be more productive.If you know of a business that might need help with Outlook or have other Managed IT Service needs, please tell them about Preactive IT Solutions.