One of the best things about this digital age we are in is photos. Our parents had to buy film for their camera, take their few dozen photos then pay through the nose to have them printed. We get to snap thousands of digital photos at virtually no cost at all and just dump them onto the PC to be viewed anytime. We can even upload them to web sites so our friends can see them.

Digital photos are awesome, but I remember one of my favorite things as a kid was to sit on my grandmother's couch looking through her stacks of photo albums. I sometimes miss having all those printed photos to look through with family.

I took my family on a trip to the Frio River last summer and we took lots of photos. I thought it would be nice to have those photos in an album like Grandma used to have so I found a web site that will make a nice album for you from your digital photos. There are many sites out there that will do this, but I used picaboo.com.

Like building a photo album the old fashioned way there is still a bit of work involved. You start by downloading the free software used to build your book. You then add your pictures and captions. You can rearrange the pictures, pick different looks and themes and even put different backgrounds on each page.

Once you have your book laid out, you upload it to Picaboo.com and order. You can spend $20 or $200 depending on how fancy you get with the cover and how many pages you have. The end result is a very nice photo album shipped to you to share with your family. Maybe on Grandma's couch.

Go to http://picaboo.com to get started.