QR Clings Make Car Shopping High Tech


A QR or "Quick Response" code is similar to a UPC or bar code. A free app on your smart phone allows you to scan the QR code and it takes you to a web site. The guys at QRClings.com came up with a really cool way to use QR codes.

They make clings to stick on cars at the dealership. They stick with no glue so they can be removed and reapplied. When the car shopper scans the QR code on the sticker they see all the details about the car on their mobile device.

It is really easy for the dealership to use too. They simply provide the folks at QRClings.com with a list of VIN numbers. They get their stickers delivered with all the information about the cars already loaded into their system. The dealership staff just stick the clings on the windows of the cars and they are ready to sell.

QR StickerBut wait! There's more! Individuals can use QR signs to sell their car, truck, motocycle, boat or RV easily too! Just visit QRSaleSigns.com to order yours.

You get to add details, photos and even video to the listing for your car. You can even track the scans of your sign. Your sign is individually numbered and coded to a specific web page with your vehicle's information. Buyers, using their smartphone scan your sign's QR Code and instantly have your vehicle's listing in the palm of their hand.

Once you receive your for sale sign, you will log in, activate it and be guided through adding your vehicle's information. You can add as little or as much as you like and you can update the information at any time.

Buyers can reach you by phone and by email or they can fill out a contact form on your details page and send you messages and requests directly.

For more information visit www.qrclings.com and www.qrsalesigns.com.