Removing Programs in Windows XP

This subject may seem a little simplistic for the average techie person, but it's something I was asked to write about and it occurred to me that many computer users likely have no clue about it... How to uninstall programs.

Most of us know how to install programs. You put the CD in the computer and usually a setup wizard will popup on the screen. You accept some default options, click the Next button a few times and voila! But, what if you want to get rid of that program you just installed or remove old program you do not use anymore to free up some disk space?

Windows has a central place to remove any programs. In Windows XP, click on Start, then Control Panel. In older versions of Windows you need to click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel. Now click on "Add or Remove Programs". Windows will now appear that lists all of the programs you have installed on your computer. It is normal to have to wait a minute or so for this list to populate.

Scroll down in the list and click on the program you want to remove. Now click the "Remove" (or Change/Remove in some cases) button. This will start the uninstall process. Each program has its own unique uninstall program. Typically it will work similarly to an install. You may choose some options, confirm you want to delete the program, click the Next button a couple times and voila!

You can now choose another program to uninstall or simply click the X in the upper right corner to close the Add or Remove Programs Window.