Simple Explanation of Different Houston IT Services

You might have heard different terms and phrases for IT services and chances are it might get confusing. Many times multiple terms are used for the same thing, but it's helpful to understand the lingo so you don't feel like someone is talking over your head. We don't want you to get lost in the terminology, when the concepts are really straightforward.

Basic Explanation for Different IT Services From a Houston Managed IT Services Provider

IT Support

IT Support is a very broad and general term that basically refers to any type of assistance (whether technical or otherwise) with a machine software, with machine itself or any thing connected to a device or machine. Things you want to look for in a quality IT support provider would be things like speed of response, noticing problems before they arise, accessibility for troubleshooting technical issues company-wide and with individual users, and how support technicians make users feel whenever users have an issue. The last thing people want is to feel they’re being talked down to because of their ignorance pertaining to an IT related issue.

Managed IT Services

Rather than handle your own computer repair and support ad hoc, and IT company can provide support that maintains and covers a number of different services like data back ups, end user technical assistance, virus protection, server monitoring, network management and more. The managed IT services being provided are usually bundled under one bulk price or price per user. This can save the company a lot of headache to have a company manage multiple things for them so the company can focus on what it does best. Make sure you know what things you're getting, and also consult a second opinion before signing up with anything long-term.

IT Outsourcing

You may not have the resources to staff enough IT personnel to meet your company needs. This is where an outsource IT company can step in and provide many of the same, if not more, services the company needs. An IT company will usually offer a stronger backing and knowledge base than a single technician, and cost less in company overhead. Anything you hire an outside company to provide IT services for is considered IT outsourcing. Companies outsource their entire IT services, while others choose to have their in-house IT personnel specialize in certain areas while offloading other managed IT needs to and outsource IT provider.

Data Migration

This is a commonly misunderstood term. It sounds more complicated or technical than it really is. Data migration is just a fancy term for copying and pasting files or information from one computer to another or one source to another. There are many different types of data migrations, but the principle is all the same. It just simply means moving things from one place to another. If you've ever done any copy pasting, then you have successfully performed a data migration of sorts.

There's certainly a lot of IT terminology that can seem overwhelming to the average person. Keep in mind that when an IT person regularly employs over-complicated terminology to refer to basic things, this can be a sign that they are not a great fit for your organization. If you're looking for a good IT provider in Houston, check out Preactive IT Solutions.