Snipping Tool

Ever seen something on your screen that you wanted to show to someone else? For many years, Windows has had the ability to send a screen shot to someone. You can simply press the "PrtScn" button on your keyboard then past into the body of a new email message. You can even press the "PrtScn" button while holding down "Ctrl" and "Alt" to just copy the current window instead of the whole desktop. While those features are nice, Microsoft upgraded them with the Snipping Tool.

The Snipping Tool is included with most versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. To access it, click the Start button, then type "snip" and you will see it appear on the menu. When you see it, just click on the Snipping Tool icon. The Snipping Tool displays a small tool bar with buttons for "New", "Cancel" and "Options".

Click the arrow on the "New" button and you will see that you can choose from one of the following types of snips:

  • Free-form: Draw a shape on the screen to define the snip.
  • Rectangle: Click and drag a rectangle to define the snip.
  • Window: Click on a window to snip just that window
  • Full-screen: Captures the entire screen

Once you define your snip, it opens in the Snipping Tool. Here you can choose to save it to a picture, copy it to the clip board to paste into another application of email it simply by clicking one of the buttons at the top. You can also draw on the snip with a red, blue or black pen and use a highlighter to highlight portions of the snip. The eraser on the tool bar lets you erase your changes.

I am sure you will find many uses for the Snipping Tool.