Solid State vs Spinning Hard Drives


Solid State Drives or SSD's hold your files like older traditional hard drives, but they typically have a smaller capacity. Many computers today have 1TB (terabyte) or even 2TB hard drives. These are traditional spinning drives with lots of moving parts. Solid State Drives are much faster than spinning drives because they do not have to find your data on a disk, but most at the consumer level are only 128GB to 500GB.

Unless you have a computer custom built for you (we do that), you will likely have to pay a substantial price difference to get a new computer with an SSD. In a Macbook Pro it can be a $400+ differential for example though the SSD drive really costs much less than that. There has been a substantial drop in SSD prices over the last couple years and as the technology becomes more widely used the prices will drop further.

Now that they are becoming more affordable it is actually very reasonable to upgrade your existing computer to an SSD. An SSD upgrade will make more difference than adding memory typically. Files will copy and save faster and your system will boot significantly faster.If an SSD is not large enough to hold your giant movie collection, you can put the operating system and other files on the SSD and keep your old spinning drive for secondary storage.You can even move your existing Windows installation as-as to a new SSD so you do not have to reinstall all your programs and games.

If you would like to talk more about SSD drives either in a new computer or as an upgrade to your existing computer contact Preactive IT Solutions.