Synching Computers with Drop Box

Ever wish you had the data from one computer on another? Perhaps at the office you want to access a web site that is in your favorites at home. Or at home you want to get to a file that's on your Desktop or in your Documents folder at work. You can easily use Drop Box to keep these files in synch on multiple computers.


This article assumes you already have Drop Box installed and setup on all your computers. If not, read up on Drop Box here. Also these instructions are for Windows 7, and may vary slightly for Windows 8, Vista and XP.

Browse to your Drop Box folder on your computer. Typically, this is C:\Users\[YourName]\DropBox. In this folder, create three folders and name them "Desktop", "Documents" and "Favorites". These are the folders that you will move your data to.

Now browse to C:\Users\[YourName] and you will notice here in the list that you see Desktop, Documents and Favorites. These are the folders that currently contain your data. Right-click on Desktop and click "Properties" on the context menu. This will open the "Desktop Properties" window. Now click on "Location", then on "Move"

In the next window, go find your new Desktop folder you created under the Drop Box folder. Click on that Desktop folder, then click "Select Folder", then "Ok". You will then be prompted to move your files. Click "Yes" and your files will move to the new Desktop folder. Now you can repeat this process for the "Documents" and "Favorites" folders.

The only thing left to do now is to go through this whole procedure on your other computers and you will have Favorites, Desktop and Documents folders that stay synched between all your computers.

There a couple things I would like to caution you about. The first is that this process will merge all your data from the multiple computers together so you may want to do some house keeping or organizing first. The other is that you need to be sure you have enough space in your Drop Box account or this will not work properly.

You can get more space on Drop Box for free by referring friends, but there is a maximum of 16GB free. You can buy 100GB, 200GB or even 500GB for about $1 per GB per year. With enough space, you could also synch your Pictures and Music folders. Imagine that. Everything you have. Everywhere you go.

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