Videos Made Easy With Adobe Voice

Video is a huge part of what we do online today. Why read a long article or blog post when you can kick back in your chair and watch a video instead right? Well… hang tight and read this one.

Have you ever had the need to make a video for a school project or to advertise some event? You may not know where to begin. Sure you can record people, find video editing software and put it all together, but this can be a daunting task if you have not done it before.

Adobe Voice is a free app from Adobe that makes it easy to make professional looking videos. What it will generate is essentially a video slide show of pictures with your voice talking over the slides and background music to bring it all together.

This does not involve video cameras and lighting, but what it does is really slick, easy to do and turns out great in minutes.

Unfortunately, Adobe Voice is an iPad only app. There is no Android version. To begin, download the app from the App Store. Next you run the app, choose a theme, add pre-built pictures or use your own photos to make your slides.

Now you simply record your voice over each slide. You only record one slide at a time so if you mess up, you just rerecord the one slide.

Here are a few tips for putting your project together:

  • Visit to see what others have done and get ideas.
  • Think about and plan the pictures you need to tell your story.
  • Print the pictures ahead of time and spend some time writing your script on each one
  • Sit in a quiet place and record, record, record...

We used Adobe Voice to build a video for our web site. Check it out here.

To build this video, we drew each slide on white paper with a black sharpie. We then scanned the slides and used Adobe Photoshop to reverse them from white to black.