Want a SPAM free email account?

By now you have likely made your New Years resolutions, but here is a good one to add to the list. Get rid of the SPAM emails. It is now easier than you think.

We all get them. The emails advertising free vacations, cheap drugs and debt consolidation loans. It seems impossible to stop them even by buying anti-SPAM software. Well now the folks at Google have created free service called Gmail. Sure you can get a free email account from a lot of services on the internet, but Gmail has taken SPAM protection to the next level.

To setup your free Gmail account, go to http://gmail.com. Click "Sign up for Gmail" on the right side of the page. To avoid a single person creating many free Gmail accounts, Gmail sends a signup code to your cell phone in a text message. o fill out the form and click "Send code". Check your phone for the invitation code and enter it on the next page. Follow the instructions to finish setting up your account. When you get logged in to Gmail you will find an inbox virtually free from SPAM.

Gmail also has several really nice features:

  • 2GB of email storage
  • Use rules to manage incoming email
  • Import contacts from Outlook, Yahoo! and other email programs
  • Use Outlook, Outlook Express or other email program to download your email via POP3

Go sign up for your Gmail account now and enjoy a SPAM free (or close to it) year in 2007.