Why You Need a Router

It seems like everyone with a computer has high speed internet access. Both cable and DSL offer speeds that make dialup connections obsolete.

There is a security problem with these connections though. As fast and easy is it is to get to the internet now, it is just as fast and easy for other computers on the internet to get to you! That's why computer worms like Blaster have been able to spread so easily.

You can easily protect your computer though. The simplest way is to download a personal firewall software like ZoneAlarm from www.zonelabs.com. For a more reliable solution, you can purchase and install a Cable/DSL router. A Cable/DSL router acts as a firewall to protect computers in your home from worms, hackers and other culprits on the internet. You can choose from a few good routers for around $60 at your local computer retailer. Most come with simple to follow setup instructions.

Remember to always run an up to date anti-virus software and always keep your operating system updated with the current patches.