Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Do you have little yellow sticky notes with reminders written on them stuck to your monitor? Your desk? Maybe even the wall above the desk? Well in Windows 7, the folks at Microsoft give us a nice way to clean up all that clutter.

Click the Start button and type "sticky". You will see "Sticky Notes" appear at the top of the Start menu. Click on it to open the Sticky Notes application. A little yellow sticky note will appear on your screen. Click on the note and type your reminder. Hit the "+" on your note to add another. Click the "X" to delete it.

You can add lots of notes to your screen and drag them wherever you want them to sit. You can right-click on a note and select a different color. The notes will not keep you from seeing other applications. They will just hind behind them like any other application would. To bring them to the front again just click on "Sticky Notes" down in the taskbar below.

You can even close the Sticky Notes application and open it again to see that all your notes are still just where you left them.

If you want to access the Sticky Notes application more quickly, you can pin it to the taskbar.