Wireless Network Key Revealer

So you have a wireless router and you can get internet access all around your home. Today you even brought home your laptop from work thinking what a breeze it will be to connect it to your network. There is just one problem. You cannot remember your wireless key to get on the network. That neat little security feature that keeps your next door neighbor from sharing your internet connection is now keeping you from using it too.

If you use the built-in Windows service to manage your wireless connections rather than the third party utilities from Linksys, Dell and others, I have an easy solution for you. A company called NirSoft has created a free utility that lets you see the wireless networks and wireless key information stored on your computer. So simply go to a computer in your house that is connected wirelessly and download/run the utility program. To get it, go to http://preactive.com and click on "Utilities" at the top. On the next screen you can click to download the "Wireless Key Viewer". Simply run it and it will display all it knows about your wireless connections including that wireless key you need.

If your home network does not require a network key to connect, you really should secure it. To read more about wireless security, go to http://preactiveit.com, click on "Computer Corner" at the bottom right, then search for WEP.