This is the coolest free service I have seen in years. If you are like me, it's annoying when someone leaves voice mail on my cell phone. I just find it annoying to check on the phone. All my work voice mails go to my email as attachments and I have long wished that the cell phone networks would provide that technology. Well now someone has done it for them. It is easy to setup and it is FREE!

Go to and sign up. Like many free things on the internet today, there is a basic free package and an enhanced package for a fee. The free version of YouMail works just fine for me. We will cover some of the differences in a minute. For now, just sign up for the free account. Once you have signed up, you will get a code to enter into your phone. The code is different for each model so you will have to tell them about your phone. This code makes the phone forward the missed calls to YouMail instead of your provider's voicemail system.

You get to tell YouMail what to do with your voice mails and how to notify you. You can be notified via email, text message or both. The emails can have the voice message attached or you can simply listen to them on the web site. You can also record custom greetings on your computer and upload them to use in your voice mail. I have a voice recorder on my Motorola Q9C so I recorded a greeting, then emailed it to myself so I could upload it from the computer. You can make a recording directly on the web site via a Flash plugin if you have a microphone attached to your computer. You can load several greetings onto the web site and use different greetings for different callers. There are many more features with the free account that you can set online.

If you have the free account, you see advertisements on the side of the web site. If you choose the paid account, those go away. plus there are some other features in the paid account that the free account does not have. The paid plans let your callers leave longer voice mails and lets you store more of them though I was unable to find what the free account limits are on their web site. Another paid option will send you emails with the voice mail transcribed into text for you to read.

I have been using the YouMail free account for a few weeks and love it. Thanks to Marty Vershel for the tip.