3 Things Your Cyber Security Training for Employees Should Include

3 Things Your Cyber Security Training for Employees Should Include

Data breaches and cyber attacks seem to be in the news just about every day lately. They are becoming a common problem that you cannot ignore if you want to keep your company and customers safe. In 2018, there were over 1,000 major data breaches, exposing over 440 million records of personal information!

It is extremely important for your company to have good cyber security training for employees. Without properly trained employees, your organization is vulnerable. You are only as strong as your most lax employee.

We've compiled a few of the top tips that every business should adopt to teach their employees to protect their data from hackers. Read on to learn what they are!

1. Knowing the Stakes

You should make sure that everyone in your organization understands the consequences of a cyber-attack. Familiarity with what is at stake will help employees be more mindful and careful as they work. There are several negative repercussions to a data breach:

  • Damage to the companies reputation: Customers and stakeholders may lose faith in the business.
  • Monetary Losses: Big companies may stand to lose more money in a cyber-attack, but small businesses are at risk of losing a higher percentage of their overall assets, meaning an attack could put them out of business.
  • Fines: The government has laws to protect consumer data, and so a breach could find your company in trouble with the law and subject to fines.

There are also many other damaging consequences that can be hard to quantify. Be clear with your employees and make sure they know the reasons behind your procedures and what they are protecting when they follow them.

2. Have a Response Plan

You need to make sure your employees know what to do in the event of an attack. Make sure everyone knows how to get in touch with your IT administrator in the event of an emergency. Have employees report all suspicious emails and activity and any time that a device such as a phone or a laptop goes missing.

Someone may call the business before an attack phishing for information. Make sure employees are trained on what sort of information is ok to give out over the phone and what is not. Customers and clients will appreciate that you verify their identity before giving out their personal information when they call.

3. Encourage Safe Browsing

Caution your staff to avoid suspicious links and attachments from unknown senders. Password changes should be mandatory on a weekly or monthly basis to avoid someone gaining unfettered access to an employee's account and freely using it without their knowledge. Use a password manager to remember and create multiple unique passwords.

Cyber Security Training for Employees is a Must!

Cyber security training for employees is the most effective way to ensure that your data remains secure. If the entire company follows all the correct practices and procedures you will not leave the door open for cyber attack and data thieves.

We can help make sure your network is secure. Give us a call today to discuss your options!