5 Cybersecurity Tips For Your Employees

5 Cybersecurity Tips For Your Employees

Cybercrime is a bigger threat than ever.

Indeed, experts expect a 175% increase in data breaches by 2023. That’s a scary statistic considering that (according to the same source) cybercriminals already compromise 12 billion records each year.

It’s vital that organizations take active steps to minimize the risk of cyber attack. A key step to doing so is education the workforce. Interested learning the best advice to give them?

Keep reading to discover 5 top cybersecurity tips for your employees.

1. Create a Solid Password

Passwords are an essential component of IT security.

Without them, your devices are incredibly susceptible to attack. Unfortunately, not all passwords are created equal. It’s no good having ‘1,2,3,4,5’, or your birthday as a password. Anyone with an iota of sense could guess it!

Ensure employees create strong passwords.

They should include a combination of letters, digits, and symbols and capitals. Passwords should be different for each device, and shouldn’t be recorded anywhere. They should also be changed periodically.

2. Regularly Back Up and Update

Every one of us has experienced the pain of losing a document we hadn’t saved or backed up!

There’s nothing worse!

It’s always good practice to have secure backups of data. Encourage employees to do so regularly. Likewise, make sure all necessary software updates are installed whenever prompted.

That’s particularly important for antivirus and antispyware software. As a quick aside, managed IT services are one handy way to stay on top of your IT needs.

3. Never Leave Unlocked Devices Unattended

Leaving your devices unlocked is like leaving your home unlocked.

Someone can literally walk right in and steal your possessions. There’s no obstacle in their way. It’s like shining a spotlight on your valuables and asking someone to rob you!

Make it absolutely clear that all devices must be locked whenever they’re left unattended. This is always good practice. However, it’s absolutely essential when sensitive and personal data is accessible.

4. Practice Safe Clicks

People fall for phishing scams every year.

They receive an email with an offer or suggestion and click the link. Doing so opens the door to malware that can have serious negative repercussions. For instance, the average cost of a phishing attack is $1.6 million for only a mid-size business.

Some scams are more obvious than others. Encourage employees to avoid all emails they don’t trust. Distribute warnings to the workforce whenever a fishing email is doing the rounds.

5. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public or open Wi-Fi is another significant threat to your IT systems.

In-house IT will have the proper safeguards. However, Wi-Fi networks in the general world are usually open. That means the data you share over them is unencrypted. Someone who wants to access it will have no trouble at all.

Make sure all employees avoid public networks when working out of the office.

Final Thoughts on Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity should be at the forefront of every CEO’s mind.

As the threat to IT systems grows, it’s vital that everyone knows how to protect themselves.

Hopefully, these cybersecurity tips will ensure your employers abide by safe IT practice. Doing so will help protect your organization from potential cyber hacks and attacks.

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