7 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud For Business Computing

7 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud For Business Computing

Did you know that 77% of businesses use some form of cloud computing? That's because there are a ton of benefits of moving to the cloud! Some of these include saving money, staying secure, and even saving the planet!

Curious about why you should move to the cloud? Read on to learn about 7 benefits of moving your business data to the cloud!

1. Save Money

While you might be wary to make the switch due to the initial costs, in the end, it will pay for itself. You'll be able to access your data with ease which will save you time.

And it's easy to scale up your benefits as your business grows. Most cloud services are pay-as-you-go, so you won't have to spend money on space you aren't using. Scaling as you go helps you avoid up-front costs so that you can pace your investments as you go.

2. Data Mobility

If you have more than one employee, data mobility is essential for collaboration. One of the biggest benefits of moving to the cloud is that you can share and view information within and between teams. It will also help with document control, so you know the file that you're looking at is the most recent version.

Additionally, data mobility will help your employees access documents on the go. This can be a huge asset to employees leaving the office to meet a big client or to a business conference. Your employees won't have to stop working while they're out of town.

3. Security

Security should always be at the forefront of everyone's mind. You might thing housing data away from your business would be a liability. But with any good cloud computing center, it's actually safer.

A cloud host company will have a full-time in-house team to monitor the security of your documents. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact. After all, 94% of businesses had improved security after switching to cloud-based services.

4. Flexibility

Cloud-based computing makes it easier than ever to scale up your capacity as you grow. You won't have to update your infrastructure to increase bandwidth. You'll be able to do so instantly. 

Use the flexibility of the cloud to meet your business demands. And free up some time to focus on satisfying customers and reaching your goals. You'll no longer need to focus on allocating resources. 

5. Get Better Insight

Using the cloud makes it easy to gather big data, even if you don't know how to use it yet. If down the road you decide you need to analyze past data, it'll be available to you.

Use this information to analyze customer transactions or business processes. This can increase profit and drive sales. Whether you do so via integrated cloud analytics or hiring an outside data processing company is up to you.

6. Better Disaster Recovery

Laptops that are either lost or stolen cost businesses billions of dollars each year. And a huge part of that is due to lost data.

One contributing factor to lost laptops are natural disasters. Are you ready for when the next Hurricane Harvey hits your area? You should be!

Cloud data centers have scheduled back ups, allowing quick data recovery after emergencies. Use this to pick right back up again. Time is money, and time lost due to recovering your data and services results in business money lost.

7. Sustainability

Don't forget that cloud computing can also benefit people outside of your business! Hosting on the cloud leaves a smaller carbon footprint than other solutions. Because you can scale up or down, you only use the energy that you actually need.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Moving to the Cloud?

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