9 Common Technical Problems to Send to the Help Desk

9 Common Technical Problems to Send to the Help Desk

Did you know that companies 25% of people forget at least one password per day? When this turns out to be a login password at work, that signals a call to the IT desk and downtime while it is being resolved.

If you are an office manager or worker, you will no doubt have experienced lost hours and frustrating IT problems.

If you are wondering whether the problems you are facing are normal, be assured that office workers and IT departments face similar problems everywhere. The solution is having the right IT support, with the right technical ability and communication skills, to solve them.

Check out our guide to the most common technical problems faced in offices.

1. The Terrifying Blue Screen

The blue screen is so alien to the average computer user that many are intimidated and do not even take time to read the on-screen instructions. They reach straight for the phone.

Usually, the instructions are - reboot and you will be fine. Perhaps sometimes some computer jargon is thrown in too.

However, in most cases, the user is so freaked out by the bluescreen of death that they will not attempt to address the situation themselves. Hence, you will need a patient and sympathetic IT desk to talk them through the next steps.

2. Unable to Log In

This is one of the most encountered problems. Unfortunately, it stops all work from happening and needs to be corrected immediately.

It often stems from the user not noticing that the caps lock has been left on, or that they are entering their password whilst the computer has kept the previous user's credentials.

In a more serious case, the user may have entered their username and password incorrectly too many times - and may not want to admit it. Feasibly the user may also have violated company policy regarding internet usage one too many times.

A quick solution is always obtained when the user is honest regarding their activity. It takes a kind and reasonable IT desk to coax them to tell all.

3. Accidental Deletion of Files

Depending on the value of the file deleted, the user call-for-help may be slightly frustrated, or hyperventilating and depicting an end of the world scenario.

The simplest answer is that they can take it out of the recycle bin. Even if they have permanently deleted it, it may not be the end of the world. Especially if the company IT policy supports file versioning or regular backups. Many times disaster can be averted.

If the answer is as simple as this, the user may turn from a panic-ridden sweating victim to one of the most appreciative callers an IT desk can receive.

4. My Computer is Sloooow

The average computer user knows that their machine is an amazing invention. But they should know that it is not limitless. If they are downloading large files and have 20 windows open, plus software running, they should expect some drag.

A kind, respectful IT desk will ask them for their current computer activity and explain that computers are only marginally better at multi-tasking than humans.

5. My Computer Just Died

Assuming by their they mean that their computer shut down without being asked to, this may be related to overheating.

Many people don't realize that their computer needs proper ventilation to be able to work consistently. It is not wise to surround your machine with items and block its vents. This is not to mention neglecting to clean dust from the vents. These habits will cause the computer to retain heat until one day - it shuts down with no warning.

6. I Can't Print Anything

If the computer is correctly mapped to the printer and has been used before, the problem may result from expectation.

Expectation? The expectation that someone else will have switched the printer on and filled it will paper.

When a colleague has not done this, it can bring chaos into the life of the computer user.

7. The Internet is Super Slow

If the internet is running slowly, and it is not a systemic problem, it is usually the result of the user's activity. They may have picked up some malware from a site they had visited outside of office hours.

Your IT department will need to sensitively assure them that honesty is the best policy and that they are only asking questions to get to the bottom of the problem.

8. The Wi-Fi Signal Keeps Dropping

This is not the fault of the user. It often stems from a problem with the router, sometimes after a software upgrade.

The user can be very helpful to the IT desk, however. The IT guys can walk the user through the procedure of resetting the modem or physically unplugging and re-plugging the device cables.

9. My USB Stick Won't Work

USB sticks have a life span. Even if the memory is undamaged and free of viruses, they can only be plugged in so many times. This is especially true with cheaper brands.

The user is advised to check the USB on other machines and other USB devices on their machine before the IT department takes more serious steps.

Solving Technical Problems and Much More

If you are tired of losing time from simple technical problems, you are not alone. Companies globally are looking outside of their traditional office-based IT department for more dynamic support.

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