A Guide to the Different Types of Services Provided by IT Support

A Guide to the Different Types of Services Provided by IT Support

Not all businesses will burn time and money recruiting their own IT teams. Sometimes, the best option is to get a separate established IT services team.

Determining which small business IT services is right for you can be crucial. There are different services, each with its own distinct advantage.

Which types of services do you need?

In this article, we give you a full guide on the different service types provided by IT support. With this, we’re looking at the services that can give you the right edge you need.

Understanding IT Services

In every IT support service, there are at least 7 major types of service that you can get. These are crucial in not only keeping your business running but securing it too. With the rapid changes in the IT industry, you need these to keep your business running.

Some of these IT services include:

  • Managed IT services
  • Network Monitoring
  • Dedicated Help Desk
  • Cloud Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • VOIP Phones
  • Dark Web ID and Monitoring

These are valuable to your business, especially for a growing one. Whether you need small business IT services or you’re a mid-sized corporation, these are a relief. These types of service will relieve you from many headaches.

1. Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is something that you will hear much when people talk about IT support. Many people try to explain managed IT service but fail to define what it is. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Managed IT, in simpler terms, are types of service handling day to day IT needs. This includes consultancy, troubleshooting, repair, and handling of all your IT properties.

Companies like construction firms and engineering firms need to focus. Most of the time, such a business has no time to waste handling IT activities. They will handle building, maintaining, and future-proofing your IT properties as needed.

This allows you to put your focus back to your business.

2. Network Monitoring

Many businesses rely on their network. This allows for easier communication and handling of crucial business data. Many IT services can provide you with network monitoring. You can use these to handle issues that may arise.

Networking monitoring tries to mitigate as many problems as possible. This is to prevent any catastrophic failures. It can keep your users productive too.

From doing network backups to prevent hacking attempts and DDoS attacks, this is a great service for small to medium businesses.

By keeping your network healthy, you prevent any delays. You also prevent issues arising from network failures.

3. Dedicated Help Desk

Many companies will have different branches that need to coordinate to function. Many times, it’s not worth it to create your own dedicated help desk to do the proper coordination. This is where hiring IT services for dedicated help desks come in.

Small companies can use these types of services to handle everything. From internal comms to technical services, dedicated help desks can keep teams talking. This can improve everyone’s productivity by keeping people on the same page.

A dedicated help desk prevents you from wasting time waiting for the tech guy. They will handle your support ticket, dispatch a tech to your users, and resolve it ASAP. The aim is to get your users up and working, reducing any downtime for everyone.

4. Cloud Services

The advent of Cloud has become a boon to businesses everywhere. If you don’t want to have a physical data center for your business, all you have to do is find a cloud service. Once you hire one, set it up there and you’re good to go.

IT services provide Cloud-based services too. These can augment or replace existing servers to provide the data you need on demand. This gives you a level of flexibility unlike ever before.

When looking for many types of services, the Cloud is great if you want some business flexibility. Have your team members work anywhere they need to, whenever they want to. If you hire a cloud services provider to improve your work efficiency, this is your best choice.

5. Disaster Recovery Services

Sometimes, disaster can strike a company and it can affect your IT assets. Something like a server crash can cripple your business and leave you in the dark. Hiring small business IT services can take care of this problem for you before it happens.

Backup and Disaster Recovery servers or BDR can virtualize your servers and keep backups of everything. Every single thing that you have on the server will be secure. Whether it’s a fire or your server dies, these types of service can keep your business running.

6. VOIP Phones

Even if you’re a small company, unified communication and collaboration across your business are crucial. Being able to communicate through voice can get you unparalleled productivity. Among IT services, VOIP Phone services are simple and effective.

VOIP Phones allow you to have phones that connect to the internet and communicate to everyone, everywhere. Many who provide these types of service will use the cloud to simplify business communications. Not only does this service reduce telephony costs but also give you more channels of communication.

Voice, mobile, or video - whichever you need, VOIP phone services can fill the void.

7. Dark Web Monitoring

One of the most critical IT services on the market is cybersecurity for your business. Preventing any hacks and leaks of your crucial logins and services will protect you. Dark web monitoring will do this for you.

Dark web monitoring means you will get dedicated IT services that make sure your details are secure. This prevents any hacking, defacement or potential leaks of company materials. With the right support, this is the service you need.

Finding the Right Types of Services for Your Firm

If you are a small business looking for an IT team, there are different services that you can get. From managed IT services to dark web monitoring, you need to find the right one for you.

For people who are looking into the right IT services, you need a team that can give you the best.

You need Preactive IT Solutions.

Get in touch and find out what IT solutions you need for your goals.