All About Printers

I know printers are not the most interesting computer related subject to read about, but we use them every day and they can sometimes be the most problematic device we connect to. Here is some information that may be useful the next time you are printer shopping.First of all, what kind of printer do you need? If you intend to only print black and white documents, then go with a laser printer. A laser printer prints faster than an inkjet and the toner cartridges they use last much longer than ink cartridges. If you do need to print color, you still have a choice. If you just need to print color documents like charts and presentations, then a color laser printer will fit the bill. If you need to print photo quality, then a nice inkjet or photo printer is better as laser color printers typically do not do a great job on photos.The next question is whether or not to get a multifunction printer. I remember a day when you would see a fax machine, a scanner and a printer or two in a small office. Now you can get them all in one device. Most people do not use the fax anymore, but I don't think I've seen a multifunction or all-in-one printer that did not include a fax. You can get a nice inkjet all-in-one for about $100 or even less sometimes. Many of these machines scan directly to an email as an attachment and let you scan to jpg or even a multi-page PDF document.The final question is what kind of connectivity you need to the printer. Just about all printers offer a standard USB connection to your computer. However, if you intend to ever have more than one computer print to your printer, I strongly urge you to spend just a little more and buy a network printer. Network printers come in both wired and wireless models. Many have both. You can share a USB printer with other computers on your network, but it can be a serious hassle. Recent operating system security enhancements and third party firewalls like Norton and McAfee often block connectivity to shared printers and can be difficult to configure. A network printer attaches to your router independently of any computer on the network and is much easier to connect to.I hope this information helps the next time you need to choose a printer. If you know someone who needs help with their business or home computer systems, have them contact Preactive IT Solutions.