Antivirus Software in Houston

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There are many choices in antivirus software today. The problem is that none of them can stop everything. We recommend Norton Internet Security, but even Norton cannot stop all the threats. There are so many thousands of new viruses and spyware released each day that the antivirus software companies cannot keep up.

How do I prevent Virus and Spyware attacks on my computer?

Here are some steps you can take to prevent Viruses and Spyware:

  • Obviously, check that your antivirus utility is current
  • Avoid downloading files from websites you are not familiar with
  • Setup an internet filtering service
  • If a video or other link on Facebook looks out of place, do not click it


I have a Virus or Spyware, how do I get it cleaned and removed?

Most of the viruses and spyware today look like they are a virus or security scanner. They have names like "Win Antivirus Pro" or "Windows Security 2011". Essentially, they are fake antivirus programs. These are called ransom ware or hijack ware because they hold your computer hostage until you pay them or remove them. They will block any attempt you make to remove them though. Removal usually requires professional help.


Our Mobile Techs can come to your location today and remove the viruses. We travel througout the Houston area to remove spyware. Virus Removal is our specialty. Our techs are constantly developing new methods to remove Spyware and Viruses. Our techs have been performing Spyware removal in Houston since 2003.

Call and let us send a tech to you any where around Houston now!