Apple Laptop Repair: Do I Have to Go to the Apple Store for Repairs?

Apple Laptop Repair: Do I Have to Go to the Apple Store for Repairs?

Let's face it, your Apple laptop is your baby. Whether you use it for gaming, editing photos and videos, or cruising the web, your laptop is a source of entertainment and a tool for your work. 

And when your laptop breaks, your heart breaks too; not only have you damaged your precious laptop, now you have to spend money to get it fixed. People might tell you the Apple store is your best option for a repair, but that's not always true. In this article, we'll walk you through steps and options for Apple laptop repair. 

Step 1: Damage Assesment 

The first step in getting your Apple laptop repaired is to figure out if the parts that are damaged are faulty. If your Apple laptop is one year or newer and the damage is due to faulty parts, then Apple will repair or replace it for free under the company's warranty. 

If this is the case, then the Apple store is the right option for you, because they will replace or repair it for free. If you bought an Apple Care plan, then the company warranty extends to three years. And if you bought an Apple Care+ plan, then Apple will repair your laptop for free up to two times a year.

The downside here is that the Apple Care+ plan is expensive and only lasts one year, and the company warranty won't cover any damage to your laptop that isn't from faulty parts. If you break your laptop by dropping or spilling something on it, you won't be covered, and you'll have to pay out of pocket. 

You can still go to the Apple Store for your laptop repair, but it will be the more expensive option. They'll charge you full price for the hardware they replace or repair and also charge a hefty fee for labor. Another reason for the high cost of Apple store repairs is that they often replace entire sections of the laptop rather than just the necessary pieces, which makes them more expensive than other repair places. 

The other (cheaper) option is to get your Apple laptop repaired at a computer repair shop that can repair Apple products. 

Apple Laptop Repair: How to Choose the Right Place

Now that you've decided to get your laptop repaired at a repair outlet you must pick the right one. The important part of choosing the right place is to make sure they are Apple Authorized Service Providers. These are technicians who have been certified by Apple to complete repairs on their products. 

The reason you want an Apple Authorized Service Provider working on your laptop is that you won't void your warranty by getting it repaired with them. If you choose to get your laptop repaired by someone who isn't Apple Authorized, it may void your warranty. 

If your warranty is already voided or you are in a pinch, you can get your laptop repaired at an unauthorized technician. These technicians are often cheaper but may not be able to guarantee their work. Make sure your chosen place has a good reputation and solid customer reviews. 

What You Can Expect to Pay

The amount of money you will pay for your repair depends on many factors, including the type of damage, the part that was damaged, and the model of the laptop. In this section, we'll walk you through the cost of certain repairs at repair outlets, and how much it would cost at an Apple store. 

Water Damage

If you spilled liquid on your laptop you'll likely need to have a few pieces replaced or repaired on your laptop. This is one of the worst types of damage to have because it not only is it very expensive to fix at the Apple Store, but they might refuse to fix it at all! 

At the Apple store, the price for fixing water damage can range anywhere from $840 - $1340, which is painfully expensive for a repair. If you go to another repair technician, however, the repair will be closer to $129. That's an 85% price difference! The cost of repairing water damage will be different at each shop but will be much less expensive than a repair at the Apple Store.

Repair shops also help with data recovery as well, so if you want to get your files off of your water damaged device, they can help.  

Screen Replacement

Screens can be one of the most expensive things to replace on an Apple laptop. Most Apple laptop screens cost anywhere from $450 - $800; with the labor on top of that, you are looking at a hefty price.  

Replacing a screen on your laptop at a repair outlet would cost anywhere from $200 - $600, depending on the model and the price of labor. Not only will the Apple Store cost more for a screen repair, but it may also take longer. Some repair shops can turn around a screen repair in as little as one day. 

Logic Board Replacement

The Logic Board in your laptop is what makes the whole machine run; it processes the data for the computer and is key to its operation. It is also very expensive to replace at the Apple Store. A Logic Board replacement at the Apple Store may cost as much as $1,400 and might cost more if it is a recent model. 

A Logic Board replacement at a repair outlet will cost $400 - $750, which is more than half the cost of a repair at the Apple Store. The best way to avoid repairing your Logic Board is to get it upgraded, so make sure to research them if your Logic Board is an older model. 

Choose Wisely

Now that you know more about Apple laptop repair and the costs associated with it, you can start doing your own research on which repair outlet is right for you. Just make sure to choose a good outlet with reliable staff who can get you back on your laptop in no time! 

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