Benefits Of Managed IT For Contractors

Benefits Of Managed IT For Contractors

Why is it that only 22% of executives have fully considered the possibility of a risk to the security of their information systems?

If you asked this question of construction contractors the answer would almost certainly be either "I don't understand the question" or "I'm too busy running a contracting business". This sounds like a case for calling in the experts.

Construction contractors need organized and efficient IT but they are busy and it's not their area of expertise. Read on to learn about the main benefits of managed IT for contractors.

Managed IT for Contractors

What is "managed IT"? Managed IT, or outsourced IT, is when a third-party business sells you information technology services.

Outsourced IT can include one or more services. Sometimes outsourced IT solutions businesses offer a range of services in an integrated way.

The IT services you might outsource include network monitoring, on-site technical support and Help Desk services. They may also include cloud solutions, IT disaster recovery, telephony, and IT security services.

What are the benefits to you of managed IT services?


If you try to arrange and manage your own IT services, you have to research and develop IT solutions for your business. This takes time and money. Implementation takes longer and your return on investment in information technology is low or slow.

It's much more efficient to use a managed IT services supplier's expertise.

Low Costs

Attracting, developing, and keeping IT staff is expensive. They need to be continuously trained to keep up with the rate of change in the IT world.

Managed IT service providers are better equipped to attract, recruit, train, and keep good IT staff. After all, it's what their business is about.

Experienced People

Outsourced IT companies are selling their expertise. Knowledge and experience are their unique selling point. Trying to replicate that standard of quality, experience, and expertise are tough to do it your main business is construction contracting.

When front line IT people need support it's hard to provide it when senior management are not specialists in the IT field. Having your directly employed IT staff go through a learning curve that puts your business at risk can be stressful. Outsourced IT service providers can call on a specialist when they need them.

Stay up to Date

Technology is changing so frequently it's tough to keep up to date. Outsourcing your IT services means having the latest construction management software solutions. You can't always hire people with the latest skills and you may not need them permanently anyway.

Risk and Security Management

Managing risk is an everyday aspect of the construction contractor's working life.

You will understand that it's about systematically identifying hazards. You evaluate the likelihood of them occurring and their potential impact. Then you implement solutions to mitigate the potential damage.

You can do this because you understand the business you're in. If you don't understand the world of cybersecurity, hardware, and software technology, then it's much more difficult to manage the risks. Outsourced IT services can help risk and security management and to maintain your business continuity.

The Main Thing

The likelihood is that your business makes money from construction contracting rather than IT services. Keeping that the main thing is important. Make sure you do that by outsourcing managed IT for contractors.

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