Computer Repair Sugar Land

Hardware Problems

Hard Drive Crash
A hard drive crash is a frightening thing. Have I lost my data? What about my family pictures? My music collection? Thankfully, we have proven Data Recovery techniques that we use to salvage your files and get you up and running on a new, usually larger, hard drive.

Bad Memory
The memory modules in your computer can go bad and cause very random problems. We have memory testing utilities to disgnose this and have most common types of memory in stock ready for your computer.

Network Problems

Wireless Router
Wireless Routers are great. They give us great convenience being able to get online from any where in the house. They can be problematic though. How secure is your network? Can strangers hack into it from the street? Do you have dead spots in your house of have some devices that just won't connect? Our computer techs can come solve any of these issues.

Phone and Data Drops
We install computer data network drops and phone drops in your new or existing construction. Need an extra network plug in your office? Contact us now.

Software Problems

Computer Viruses & Spyware
The most common computer repair issue today is Virus Cleaning and Spyware Cleaning. There are literally thousands of new virus and spyware threats unleashed every day. This requires that skilled computer techs constantly learn new virus and spyware removal techniques. Our team of techs has been cleaning viruses since 2003 making us one of the most experienced IT Service companies in Houston.

Blue Screen of Death and other Errors
Many times the problem is the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death". Believe it or not, there is valuable information on that screen. It can usually direct us to what the problem is so that it can be repaired quickly.


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