Computer Resolutions for the New Year

It's a new year and a lot of people are talking about New Year Resolutions. They are resolving to do things they have needed to do for a long time. Most of these resolutions have to do with health, but what about some resolutions for your computer? What about the things you know you need to be doing for your computers, but just have not gotten around to? Now is as good a time as any to get started!

  • Antivirus:I will uninstall the free antivirus software that my neighbor recommended and purchase a real antivirus software. Trend Micro Titanium is the best antivirus software available according to independent ests run on the latest version in September 2013. Kaspersky was second place. McAfee was not in the top 10 and Norton was so confident that they refused to participate in testing.
  • Security:I will go to the Control Panel and add a password protected administrator account to my computer. I will change my normal user accounts to limited users so that they cannot install software. I will only login to the administrator account when I need to install software. This will help to keep viruses from being inadvertently installed on my computer when I am reading email and browsing the internet since I am in a limited account.
  • Filtering:I will setup a free account at and configure my local router to use it. I will configure the account to block offensive content from the internet so my children do not accidentally stumble upon things they should not see.
  • Backups:I will connect a local external drive to my computer and setup the Windows Backup software to backup my entire computer to it every day. I will do this because it will take me 10 minutes and I can sleep at night knowing my photos and documents are protected. I will also consider an online backup service to further protect my data in the event of theft or fire.
  • Power Protection:I will purchase an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for each of my computers. I will ensure that my computer is plugged into the battery side of it. I will do this because $60 for a UPS is much less expensive than replacing a hard drive because of brown outs and a mother board due to power surges. I will finally realize that a surge protector will not protect my computer.