Cybersecurity 101: Importance of Data Security

Cybersecurity 101: Importance of Data Security

In 2017, the average figure of corrupted records by country was 24,089. Most companies don’t take the initiative of including cybersecurity in their yearly budgets. As the world progresses, new technological advancements come into play thus necessitating stringent cybersecurity practices.

The importance of data protection is to protect the company from fraudsters or even possible blackmail. Companies that lack cyber security protocols in place are vulnerable to possible data loss.

Are you needing to know the importance of data security? Here is everything you need to know.

1. To Prevent Identity Theft

One of the wildest developing criminalities in the United States is identity theft. The importance of data security is to prevent individuals from stealing other people’s personal information for deceitful purposes.

Identity theft is so weighty a crime. For instance, someone can use your information to empty your credit cards or even apply for loans.

With data security, it’s possible to identify an identity criminal. In essence, the social security numbers are secured.

2. To Avoid National Penalties and Fines

Some statutory regulations that place legal obligations on organizations for any data breach. For examples, hospitals are guided by HIPAA. The Act guarantees data confidentiality and security provisions for protecting medical data.

Such regulations and legislation require organizations to handle their information or data cautiously. Non-compliance with the guidelines may result in unwarranted for lawsuits.

3. To Keep Sensitive Information Safe

The importance of database security is that it helps the organization keep its client’s information safe. Most organization use encryption or encrypted messages to ensure that only the recipient can read it. Such protocols prevent security breaches and sensitive information is safeguarded.

4. Prevent Malware or Viral Infections That Can Corrupt Data

To some people, the benefit of data security only serves the purpose of securing data from fraudulent activities. However, the scope of data protection is very wide because it equally helps in precluding malware or viral infections. Organizations should seek services on IT agencies that major in data security.

For example, Proactive Active IT Solutions help organizations to secure their data. Offsite backups on their cloud servers are encoded and stored in a protected data center thus giving you composure knowing your data is safe.

5. To Allow for Easy Disaster Recovery

Many organizations may undergo hardware and physical damage due to system malfunction or viruses. Data security is thus important because there is a guarantee that physical impairment to the server doesn’t cause the loss of data.

Disaster recovery organizations are able to retrieve deleted files and folders within a matter of minutes.

Importance of Data Security

The primary importance of data security is that it helps to keep private and sensitive information safe. Besides, it’s important to have data security because it will help you avoid having to deal with legal implications for breach of sensitive data.

Organizations should budget for data security. This not only saves money but also resources and time.

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