Digitally Constructed: 4 Reasons New Construction Technology Requires Managed IT Services

Digitally Constructed: 4 Reasons New Construction Technology Requires Managed IT Services

With digital marketing alone costing the average small business $75,000 a year, technology is changing the cost of doing business everywhere.

Outside of just external tech, there are new tools that have changed construction technology and how we do business in that field. Since we're focused on building great projects and not as much the tech work, managed IT services can ensure we don't fall behind.

Here are four reasons you need IT services rather than to try to keep up with changes in tech.

1. Everything Is Mobile

If you've been in the construction business for a while, all of the decisions you've made have helped to make you a better business. As you get more experience and build more projects, you learn how to create things faster and more efficiently. In most ways, construction technology has been a huge benefit to your business.

However, one of the ways that things have changed over the last few years is that every business has been forced to go mobile. Whether it's the ability to send documents and reports from one cell phone to another or to use apps for organizing info, tech is getting smaller and faster. You have more decisionmaking power in your pocket now than ever before. 

The only problem is that it takes effort to maintain a system or install software on all of the devices for your company. If you need to have this done, you shouldn't put it all on the shoulders of the people already maintaining tech for your company in-house. They're likely inundated with too much work and they might not know how the new technology works.

You're talking about hours of training followed by trial and error.

With managed IT services, you get the chance to take advantage of the latest in technology without having to compromise your resources. You'll get state of the art tech integrated by several experts for less than the cost of a single new employee. 

2. Security Matters

With the average cost of a data breach now in the range of $4 million, it's vital to take security seriously. If you're not prepared to secure the data that you have you could lose millions quickly.

You'll lose money from customers who fly the coop once they've seen that you don't secure your system very well. You'll end up with lawsuits from people who've trusted their data and sensitive information in your system. You could even deal with a damaged reputation that follows you for decades and keeps people from hiring you for projects.

When you have data stored on your servers or your system, you're holding on to information about what kinds of projects your clients are looking to build. You know the assets they have and have their statements on record about a variety of projects they've got in the works. You may have some environmental testing issues you're dealing with that you've yet to resolve.

Letting the word get out about any sensitive information could release data that's out of context. You could end up being the source of a leak that follows you for years. Managed IT services ensure that you've ahead of any new data breaches or ransomware that could threaten to take down your company.

3. Disaster Proof Storage

Climate change is a real factor to consider in the construction industry, but in more ways than you think. While every project needs to consider what climate change could do to the foundation or exterior of a building or structure, there are other considerations. You need to also be thinking about how your data is stored and exactly where on the planet it is.

If you live near one of the coasts and have all of your information stored on a server in a storefront, first-floor office, you need to move it immediately. It's important that you have access to your data but that you don't have it somewhere that could be flooded. If your data is stored at one static location, your whole business could crumble in an instant.

You need that data to send out contracts, fill out your customer management software, and store past project data. Your data needs grow by the day, which makes it all the more vital for you to store them in a disaster-proof place.

Instead, managed IT services ensure that you've got the kind of cloud storage solution you need. If you're new to the cloud or the latest standards in storage solutions, you'll get the best of the best with the help of outsourced IT.

4. Labor Is a Massive Cost

Ask around to any business owner and they'll tell you that labor costs are one of the biggest line items year after year. No matter what business you're in, you've got to worry about labor costs. In the construction industry, recruiting, onboarding, and training new staff costs a lot of money and valuable time.

When it comes to labor that's trained in the tech sector, it's extra expensive to hire someone who knows construction technology. If you need to develop a new system and train people, having people who are full-time IT staffers do it could cost you hundreds of thousands a year. Rather than relying on in-house staff, you get the best of the best at a fraction of the cost.

Leave it to managed IT service providers to do the work of seeking out and hiring the best people in tech. Focus on doing good work and you'll get the most out of construction technology in the meantime.

Construction Technology Brings Savings

While it's going to cost some money up front to get the most out of construction technology, the aim of these tools is to make life easier. Once we've folded these tools into our lives, we can benefit from increased efficiency and improved workflow.

If you're still not sure why outsourced IT is right for you, check out these three reasons.