Got Your Head in The Clouds? Here Are 5 Ways Cloud Computing Solutions Can Help Your Company.

Got Your Head in The Clouds? Here Are 5 Ways Cloud Computing Solutions Can Help Your Company.

Are you a small business looking for ways to compete with the big guys? Or are you a big company looking for ways to stay as nimble as your small competitors?

Both of you may just find what you're looking for - and more - in today's cloud computing solutions. Here's how. 

What Is Cloud Computing?

In the early days of computing, if you needed to provide your secretarial pool with document editing capabilities, you needed to load the functions and software applications on to each separate desktop computer they used. 

Network computing allowed you to remove those applications from each computer. Instead, the application was hosted on just one computer and the others were given access to the program there. 

Cloud computing solutions today allow you to take another giant step away from hosting the same apps on multiple computers. You can use it to remove these services and software from your in-house network. 

Now, you can buy or lease those necessary business functions and programs from providers who will deliver to you on demand. 

Cloud Computing Solution Benefits

No matter what your industry, or your business size, you can take advantage of the most robust software and services available regardless of budget. When you offload these processes and programs to the cloud, you can realize some very tangible benefits, including:

1. Cost savings

The expense of the software and hardware for your datacenter are eliminated. So are the electricity costs and the heating and cooling costs.

2. Productivity gains

When you ditch the datacenter, you can also ditch most of the personnel that went with it. There are few IT management chores - no hardware set-ups or software patches for example. That means what personnel you do keep on hand can help achieve your business goals.

3. Speed

Set-ups including customizations can be done in days or weeks. Day-to-day computing is done on demand with just a few mouse clicks. Everything is self-service and on-demand.

4. Performance

With upgrades handled for you and done globally, you always have the fastest and efficient computing hardware and software.

5. Security

Cloud computing security is much stronger than what you provided through your network according to Tech Target. Policies, technologies, and controls that strengthen the overall security of the programs you utilize just as they provide for fast updates. Your physical security exposure is eliminated when you no longer have a data center that can be breached.

Types of Cloud Computing Solutions

There are three types of cloud computing solutions your business can take advantage of. 

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

Think of your website infrastructure to get an idea of what these services cover. The hardware, software, servers, and storage for the assets that make up your site can all be handled by a host in the cloud. That host will also provide backups, security, and maintenance.

Software as a Service (SaaS) 

This is the most familiar of the three services. When you access a particular piece of software over the Internet, instead of through a local server, you're using the software as a service. Salesforce, Citrix, and Cisco's WebEx are all examples.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is often confused with IaaS because it too provides you computing platforms on which to operate. Providers of this service include an operating system, programming language, databases, and web servers. Examples include Salesforce Heroku, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and the Google App Engine.

Changing Business Rules

These cloud computing solutions are completely changing the way business gets done. While they have advanced any business' ability to compete today, they have also left those same businesses exposed to new kinds of risks. 

With no IT support personnel onsite anymore, for example, the effects of a system interruption can be far more severe. Fortunately, there's help available in the form of a free eBook that outlines what you need to know about IT service support options today. 

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