Hard Drive Crash

How can I tell if my hard drive crashed?

There are several causes of hard drive failure, but if you suspect your drive is going bad then turn off your computer and call us. The longer you run a bad hard drive, the lower the chances of data recovery.

It is likley that your hard drive has crashed if you encounter any of these symptoms:

  • Computer reboots over and over at start up
  • Black screen with any message that begins "The following file is missing..."
  • Black screen with the message "Operating system not found"
  • Blue screen error UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME
  • Blue screen stop code 0x000000ED
  • Computer takes 10 minutes or more to boot up
  • A clicking sound coming from inside the computer

Our Approach

Saving your files is our priority. If we suspect that your hard drive is bad, the first thing we will do is make a duplicate of your drive. Once we have a good backup, then we will test the drive and proceed based on the results of that hard drive test.

If your hard drive is bad, we have several methods of recovering your data. You can read more about data recovery here.